Watch: Ravens Lineman Squats the Team Kicker and Crushes 500 Pounds on the Bench Press

Brandon Willliams, Ravens
Matt Hazlett / Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens lineman Brandon Williams loves working out so much that he’ll even do it on the field. During a game. Using one of his own teammates.

Following the Ravens’ win over the Texans on Monday Night Football in Week 12, Williams got so excited that he picked up kicker Justin Tucker and improvised a squat workout.

Tucker served as the equipment for Williams’ impromptu lift. Take a look:

Williams is one of the strongest players on the Ravens, previously hitting 525lbs on the bench press, 400lbs on the overhead shoulder press, and banging out 38 reps of 225lbs on the bench press during his NFL scouting combine workout.

But this is not the first time that Williams has squatted a teammate. Last season, Williams took safety Eric Weddle and used him as his personal squat rack on the sidelines like he did with Tucker:

Want more proof of Williams’ strength? Here’s a look at the nose tackle benching 500lbs when he was training for the NFL Combine:

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