Watch: Rob Gronkowski Achieved Peak Gronk During the Patriots’ Super Bowl Parade

Gronk parade main

He may not have played in the Super Bowl, but Rob Gronkowski is a true champion.

The New England Patriots tight end was the MVP of the Super Bowl parade on Tuesday, chugging beers, taking his shirt off, flexing his massive muscles, partying with his teammates, and booing the hell out of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

It was peak “Gronk.”


Gronkowski was originally planning to take it easy—at least by Gronk standards—at the parade, but the passion of New England’s fans pulled him into the fold: “I partied for them, I chugged beers for them. I had to,” Gronkowski told the Boston Globe. “It’s just unbelievable. I love them so much.”

See for yourself:

1. Gronk showed off his unparalleled bro skills while riding the bus through the parade, catching a beer from a fan with one hand, chugging it, and then giving it the classic Gronk spike:

2. The tight end took over the introduction for the team, screaming at fans next to Tom Brady:

3. Shirt off, guns out, muscles flexed, beer chugged—the perfect Gronk plan, executed to perfection:

4. Gronk is a man of the people. He’s also shredded:

5. Gronk partied it up at the parade:

6. The time Gronk tried to carry all five of the Patriots’ Super Bowl trophies:

7. The real winner? Gronk booing Goodell mercilessly at the rally following the parade:

Never change, Gronk. Never change.

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