Watch: Rob Gronkowski Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver

Sometimes it pays to play nice with your Lyft driver. In the latest edition of “Undercover Lyft,” New England Patriots big man Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski proves why you shouldn’t sit in the back seat silently on your next rideshare.

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The tight end — donning a wig, plastic shades, and a ball cap — drove unsuspecting Lyft riders around Foxborough, Massachusetts, and somehow went unnoticed most of the time. Do fellow New Englanders just think that most stacked, six-foot-six, 265-pound men end up fan-boying over Tom Brady as opposed to playing alongside him? Even with all the hints he drops during the video (i.e., asking riders what they would do “if you met Gronk?”), no one seemed to catch on to the charade.

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The only time Gronk truly breaks character before his big reveal during the entire four-minute video is when a guy swears he’s met Gronk at a bar downtown — to which Gronk promptly calls him out and says he definitely was never at that bar, and thus crushing this passenger’s claim of meeting Gronk.

Gronkowski is the latest addition to the roster of sports stars that have posed as undercover Lyft drivers. Others include Richard Sherman, Jerry Rice, Shaquille O’Neal, David Ortiz, Danica Patrick, and Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant.

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