Watch: Rogue Iguana Delays Miami Open, Poses for Selfie With Tommy Haas

Iguana Invades Tennis Court And Runs Across It At 2017 Miami Open, Delaying The Match.
YouTube/Tennis TV

Large-scale sporting events are always subject to surprises from wild fans here and there—like that guy who ran the field during the 2014 World Cup and tried to kiss a German soccer player, or the dude who stormed the court at the 2016 NBA Finals. One “wild fan,” however, took the art of interrupting a game to the next level during a tennis match at the 2017 Miami Open on Wednesday. 

How? Well, for starters, the wild fan we’re referring to was actually an iguana.

Yep, you heard that right. One oversized, green reptile (who we’re also guessing is a tennis fan) snuck past security and onto the court midway through a match between Czech player Jiří Veselý and German pro Tommy Haas.

The scaly spectator first tried to get a better view of the game by hanging out on top of one of the scoreboards. And while Haas ultimately ended up losing the match, he at least managed to score an epic selfie:

Special selfie @miamiopen , thanks for coming out to watch some Tennis 🎾🦎

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But when someone tried to remove the iguana from the scoreboard, the critter took matters into its own hands (erm, claws, rather) and made its way to the center of the court, delaying the game for several minutes. Eventually, someone grabbed the iguana by the tail with a towel and escorted it off the premises, meaning the reptile didn’t even get to catch the end of the match.

Check out the hilarious video:

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