Watch This Guy Do a Freaking Double Backflip On a Snowmobile

There are some things that only improve in quality when doubled: burgers, IPAs, British buses, and, most recently, backflips on snowmobiles. This week, Swedish freestyle snowmobiler Daniel Bodin made history by completing the world’s first double backflip on a snowmobile — because some men prefer to laugh in the face of death.

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After making a few test jumps to ensure he wouldn’t die a horrible, cold death, the 31-year-old X Games gold medalist managed to maneuver his 450-pound snowmobile 45 feet in the air to land the harrowing trick.

The last person to attempt a double backflip was Justin Hoyer at the 2011 Winter X Games and, before him, Levi LaVallee at the 2009 event. Both missed the mark, leaving the world record unclaimed.

When asked to comment on his accomplishment, Bodin had this to say: “I did it! I can’t believe I did it! The rush! It just can’t be described. Nobody in this world can understand the feeling… I have always felt that this trick was mine and I simply couldn’t let anybody else beat me to it.” Bodin also went on to say that “everything else was put on hold” while he spent his time practicing for his crowning achievement.

The expert snowmobiler has been on the scene since 2007 and made waves across the sport after landing the world’s longest backflip in 2008. Bodin also managed to survive and recover from what should have been a debilitating crash in 2012 that fractured five of his vertebrae. If there’s anything we’ve learned about the guy, it’s that gravity is nothing more than a mere suggestion. 

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