Watch: Tom Wallisch Rips Iron, Concrete, and Deep Powder

Sitting under the blazing summer sun, our staff is thinking of nothing but the womb of winter. Trailers and sneak peeks are beginning to trickle out on the feeds of big ski media companies, but we weren’t expecting that Tom Wallisch would be the skier whose film would whisk us off to the dreamland of deep snow and soft landings.

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With clips taken from Good Company’s “Cruise Control” and Level 1’s “Romance,” Tom Wallisch’s season edit features not only phenomenal and entertaining skiing, but slick production value and a honed-in aesthetic. Trading his signature afterbang for switch landings in pow wasn’t on our 2020 bingo sheet, but the man does so with such style and aplomb we’re ready for Wallisch to make a full-length sled film.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a season edit without rail wizardry. But don’t worry—Wallisch delivers that in spades as well. Shot and edited by AJ Dakoulas and produced by Wallisch and Tom Yaps, this season edit has us scouring the web for backyard trampolines. Look at that switch dub 10 and tell us it doesn’t make you want to spin. Yeah, we thought so.

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