Watch: Mountain and Trials Bike Phenom Fabio Wibmer Freerides Through Israel

Trials riding is a challenging bike discipline that involves maneuvering through obstacles without setting foot to ground. It’s already difficult and plenty dangerous — even more so on the streets.

Some riders quite literally make their careers on pavement, seeking the most ante-upping lines. And when it comes to the edits that trials freeriding phenom Fabio Wibmer occasionally drops on the world, the footage leaves most jaws on the floor. Traveling to all corners of the globe, the Austrian trials rider knows how to turn ignored city structures into his own personal playgrounds.

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Whether it’s flying down massive sets of stairs, traversing unique architecture, or simply taking in the local culture, Wibmer’s creative eye always delivers. And recently, the 24-year-old gifted the bike world an all-new look at the beautiful and diverse landscape of Israel — a look through his whimsical two-wheeled perspective — titled Israel Is My Playground. Wibmer has a field-day exploring everything the country has to offer, taking his skills from historic city sites to the varied desert landscape, making stylish work of equally sketchy, and stunning, natural features.

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The six-minute compilation is a dreamy cure for the Monday blues guaranteed to take you miles away from your office — and also make you look at Israel’s famed travel destinations in a whole new light.

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