Watch What Happens When Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Out in Public for a Cup of Tea

Cristiano Ronaldo takes photos with fans at a cafe in Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo makes scoring goals look easy. Going out for a cup of tea? Not so much.

Out for a day in his adopted city of Madrid, the normally unstoppable Portuguese striker finds himself utterly stymied at the simplest task because of a steady stream of photo-hungry fans. (The video is actually a clever ad for his branded ROC headphones, which he conveniently leaves on the entire time.)

At one point, Ronaldo muses to his friend, “They’re probably wondering, ‘Is he really this nice?'” This is outrageously funny to both of them, because clearly the Real Madrid striker is expending huge amounts of effort by telling all these random people that yes, he will take a photo with them, and their friends, and all of their friends, and those two dudes over there, and that random guy who literally sneaks up behind him as the line forms at this dinky cafe in a shopping mall in Madrid.