Watch: You Won’t Believe How Fast This Record-setting Golfer Finished a 500-yard Hole. He Didn’t Even Use a Golf Cart.

Speed golfer record
Guinness World Records / YouTube

You’ll never be able to accuse this golfer of holding up play on the course.

Thirty-one-year-old British physical education teacher Steve Jeffs set a Guinness World Record for the “fastest hole of golf” ever completed.

Jeffs played a 500-yard hole at the Tiverton Golf Club in the United Kingdom in August 2017—finishing it off in an astonishing one minute and 50.6 seconds. The Guinness World Records just made it official.

The previous record was held by Phil Naylor, another British player, who did it in 2005 in one minute and 52 seconds. According to Guinness World Records, to get the record a player must play a hole “at least 500 yards long. The clock begins the moment the ball is first struck, and stops when it drops into the hole. The golfer can ride in a cart, but must finish the hole with as many clubs as they started with”.

“I probably spent four months working on my sprinting,” Jeffs said to CNN. “When I first tried (to break the record), I got quite close and thought it would be easy. I only had three attempts. My first two failed because I went out a bit too hard.”

Take a look at how Jeffs got it done:

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