What Tim Tebow’s Workout Might Look Like If NFL Comeback Rumors Are True

What Tim Tebow’s Workout Might Look Like If NFL Comeback Rumors Are True

Rumor has it Tim Tebow might be making a comeback. Well, atleast that’s what Bleacher Report is saying.

The 27-year old hasn’t thrown a big league game since 2012, and was pretty much written off as way too inaccurate to survive in the NFL. Harsh. But don’t count the man out just yet. Remember, he did win the Heisman Trophy, and the dude does have a hell of a lot of heart. Maybe all of that extra time being analyst provided a new perspective of the game? Maybe it lit that inner fire to get back to competing? 

Whether rumors are true, there are two things standing in his way. Number one, his skill; and two years out of the game is a long time. However, according to the Ben Volin via The Boston Globe via Bleacher Report, Tebow has been working out with Tom House, a personal coach of Patriots star QB Tom Brady. So it’s good to see he’s working on his game. And number two, his fitness. What has he been doing all this time? There’s not a chance in hell you can walk on a professional football field deconditioned. Either way, if Tebow decides to throw his name in the hat, he’ll have his opportunity in Phoenix on March 22nd in the veterans combine.

Here’s what two of his workouts might look like for a legit comeback.

The Football Workout >>>
The Comeback Workout >>>



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