What You Didn’t Know About Dana White


1. He was a brawling bellhop. When he worked at the Boston Harbor Hotel in his early 20s, he and other hotel employees used to settle their problems with their fists. “We would argue about tips all the time. So we used to go into the bellman’s closet and punch it out until we decided who was right and who was wrong. But we didn’t hit in the face.” 2. He left South Boston because of the mob. “Whitey Bulger had a bunch of goons working under him and they wanted $2,500,” says White. “At the time, that might as well have been $25,000 to me. I didn’t have it, so I went back to Vegas.” 3. He trained Lorenzo Fertitta. The friendship that launched the UFC began when White met Fertitta at a wedding, years after the two had gone to high school together. White began training Fertitta in boxing for fitness, and the two became friendly.


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