Why to Try the Newest Gimicky Sport: FootGolf

_main_foot golf
Yes, it’s silly, but let’s face it: It’s fun as hell.
FootGolf, the newest gimmicky sport, is a combination of soccer and golf. That’s right: Competitors kick soccer balls down perfectly manicured, 200-plus-yard fairways and into 21-inch-wide holes. Since it moves much faster than golf and actually involves running, FootGolf is a terrific workout—minus all the pretensions of a snooty private club. 
We know what you’re thinking: Where on earth could I play FootGolf? Good question! Turns out there are more than 300 courses across the country.
(See usfootgolfassociation.org/courses for info.) Pro tip: In official American FootGolf League tournaments (yes, there are such things), knee-high argyle socks and Ben Hogan–style caps are the required attire. And if it turns out you’re a natural, you might make your way onto the U.S. squad headed to the FootGolf World Cup in 2016, location still TBD.

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