Watch a Flock of 61 Wingsuiters Fly in Record-Breaking Formation

A group of 61 wingsuiters suited-up and soared through the skies at sunset together in Perris, California, to pull off the largest predetermined-formation wingsuit flight. The growing sport is quickly gaining traction among adventure junkies. Similar to skydiving or BASE jumping, participants don a wingsuit — which looks like a flying-squirrel getup — to glide through the sky before deploying their parachutes.

The video, which was shot on a GoPro by extreme athletes Matthew Barrientos and Taya Weiss, features the group getting into formation at the 57-second mark (from exiting the plane to parachute opening is about two minutes; then it takes about 30 seconds to build the formation and another minute to fly in it, followed by 20 or so seconds to separate safely). The gravity-defying friends jumped out of four different planes and zoomed through the clouds and over California's landscapes and mountains to complete the incredible stunt.