Workout Advice From Clay Matthews: How to Be a Better Athlete

Workout Advice From Clay Matthews: How to Be a Better Athlete

CLAY ’S TIP: “First off, I think the injury rate in the NFL is 100%. So you’re having to deal with injuries week in and week out. Incorporate as many different things as you can into your off-season workout, so when you do go into the season you can tell yourself you’ve done everything possible to try and prevent a serious injury.”

CLAY ’S TIP: “I wasn’t heavily recruited in high school and didn’t get much of an opportunity to play in college. Now that I’ve had the chance to succeed, I’m going to keep on running with it. If you haven’t had to persevere through being benched, you’re not going to appreciate it when you get out there. I’ve always had that chip on my shoulder.”

CLAY ’S TIP: “I like to get to the stadium at a certain time; I put my tape on before the shoes, and then the pants, so there’s definitely a method to my madness. There’s no greater feeling than when you’ve put in the time, watched your film, and worked out, knowing when the game starts you did absolutely everything you could have.”

CLAY ’S TIP: “You need to have some talent to play in the National Football League. But if you’re willing to work and put in the time and effort, you’ll have a better chance [at succeeding at your level] than someone with just raw talent. You’re going to be more likely to make a team and make an impact on the field [if you’re a hard worker].”

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 Reverse Bosu Single-leg Squat (8 reps per leg)

● Cybex Arc Interval (sustain for 1 min 30 seconds)

● Leg Press (3 sets of: 10, 6, and 4 reps)

● Body weight Step-up/ Reverse Lunge Combo (reps per leg)

● 1-leg Med-ball Slam (reps per leg)

● Med-ball Lateral Wall Throw (15 reps per side)

● Split Squat 1-arm Press (8 reps per arm)

● Split Squat 1-arm Row (8 reps per arm)

● Barbell Bench Press (3 sets of: 10, 6, and 4 reps)

● Wall Lower-trap Activation (20 reps)

Dumbbell T-pushup (15 reps per side)

1-leg DB Press — Lateral/Front/Arnold (6 reps per side)

Machine 1-arm Row (8 reps per side)

Reverse Lunge into Single-leg Balance (8 reps per side)

Foam Roll — Lower body (for 2:00 mins)

Foam Roll — Upper body (for 2:00 mins)

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