10 Spring Style Trends Men Should Avoid

OK, here’s the deal. We are going to get this out of the way up front: If wearing something makes you feel good, without hurting anyone else, you should wear it. It’s your right as an American to look however you want to look, so go for it.
With that being said, a little input (or a lot of input) from the professionals can help you look and feel even better. Sometimes you see a trendy look on TV or in a magazine that you like, but maybe aren’t quite sure how to emulate it—or if you should try to emulate it! Don’t worry: We’re here to help. We already brought you the 5 definitive looks of spring 2016. So naturally, here are 10 spring trends you should definitely avoid, per Men’s Fitness Style & Grooming Editor Barret Wertz. 

1. Androgynous

Blurring the lines between male and female attire is a trend that works best for those with a naturally thinner frame—and even then it’s not the easiest one to pull off. If you are (or are on your way to being) a pretty built guy, definitely avoid this one. 

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2. Floral Pants

A lot of guys want to do something different. Instead, if you are looking for a statement pant, keep it simple. A pair of Nantucket red or cobalt blue trousers will last a lot longer in your wardrobe than a recognizable floral print that will likely go only with the one shirt you bought to match. 

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3. Long Skinny Scarves

Yeah sure, Johnny Depp wears them like a champ; Lenny Kravitz owns the look; even Brad Pitt has been known to rock the long, skinny scarf. But as much as your girlfriend may say you look like one of them, you probably don’t. Guys who are wearing skinny scarves are wearing them either as an afterthought, or as a part of their everyday routine. Just thinking “I want to wear a long skinny scarf” already means you’re over thinking it. 

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4. Men’s Jumpsuits

Ask yourself these questions: Am I jumping out of a plane? Am I a Formula One Driver? Am I in prison? No? Then avoid the jumpsuit. 

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5. Super Wide Dress Pants

OK, this is a trend we could get on board with if everyone just decided it was the right thing to do. Honestly, back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s life in your pants was a whole lot easier. You didn’t even have to keep them up yourself—suspenders did that job. If your weight fluctuates, or you have trouble finding pants that don’t hurt your thighs, this is a trend that could work—for a bit. But, the thing is, a man in a tailored suit is always in style. 


6. Head-To-Toe White

We are all about a good white jacket, or a great beat up pair of white jeans. Hell, we love a white linen suit in the summer! But, head-to-toe white can be a little much. Mix it up a little. You’re trying to keep in monochromatic? At the least, throw in a great heather gray t-shirt or your best brown dress shoe. That is how to wear a lot of white, with out blinding those around you. 

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7. Sheer Clothing

Never ever wear sheer clothing. We don’t care if you have the body of a Greek god. Have some class, man. 

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8. Super Skinny Jeans

Unless you are an emo teen, this look will not, repeat, will NOT do you any favors. Just as leggings are not pants for women (they aren’t) they are also not pants for men. That’s obvious, you might say? Well, some brands have gone into the business of making “girlfriend” jeans for the guys. If you want to wear skin tight jeans, go ahead. But in 10 years time, when you come across those photos, you’ll probably wish you hadn’t.

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9. Deep V’s

Regardless of how build your chest is, you don’t need to wear what is essentially a women’s scoop neck t-shirt to show it off. Yeah sure, some brands push that their deep-v is deeper than any other, but why do you need to risk a nip slip. Leave that to the red carpet. Go out and pick up a 3-pack of inexpensive cotton v-necks if you are really looking to rock the v-neck style. Guaranteed you’ll look great. 

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10. Too Much Color Together

Color should add to your statement, not BE your statement. If you want to wear a bold color, tone it down with neutrals (blues, grays, khakis, white). You’ll walk into a room and everyone will notice your colorful confidence—not your apparent color blindness. 

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