4 Strange Body Modification Surgeries

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Think plastic surgery is just for women? Think again. “Men are delving more and more into the cosmetic treatment realm today,” says Steven J. Pearlman, M.D., of Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery in New York. While he points out that the most common procedures for men, especially athletic men with lower body fat percentages, are facial fillers, there exists some more elaborate–and dare we say wacky–treatments that men are undergoing.

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Testicle Ironing

What on earth is testicle ironing? It’s a “male laser lift” that tightens the scrotum and rids it of wrinkles, blemishes, and discoloration. George Clooney joked about getting his “balls ironed” in an interview, but turns out it’s actually becoming popular, especially in L.A. For smoother boys, it would cost you about $575. “Wrinkles may be one issue, but some men may also have [embarrassing] benign papules—firm, tiny bumps usually located on the tip of the penis, shaft, and scrotum. [It’s] hard to convince their partner it’s not warts or an STD,” says cosmetic dermatologist Ariel Ostad, M.D.

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Muscle Implants

For some, a relatively toned physique just won’t cut it. Enter muscle implants. Solid silicone implants are placed under or in between muscles to help boost areas that are underdeveloped. Calf and pectoral implants are apparently pretty common for men, and gluteal and bicep implants are gaining traction, too. So, who’s getting these muscle enhancements? “People that do these things are actually in very great shape normally,” says Saeed Marefat, M.D. “They’re athletes, they work out, they have almost perfect bodies, but they are perfectionists. They want the best. It’s not the person who’s a couch potato without any muscle at all—it’s the opposite.”

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Voice Deepening

Guys with girly voices are no longer doomed to sound like the females they’re trying to get with. Getting a deeper, arguably more manly voice is as simple as undergoing a procedure called “fat injection thyroplasty.” Fat is injected into the patient’s vocal cords, which bulks them up and creates a deeper-sounding voice. According to the Texas Voice Center, “sounding good is as important as looking good.” Who knew?

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Ron Swanson

Mustache and Beard Implants

“Hair transplantation has always been a common procedure for men. Some people do it to enhance their facial appearance,” says Marefat. You’ve probably heard of men getting hair plugs, or filling in a receding hairline—mustache and beard implants are actually performed the same way. Dr. Marefat explains, “You cut hair from where there’s permanent hair—like the back of the head—and divide it up into small individual hair follicles and make small incisions and insert them inside the skin. It becomes a graph and the body starts getting blood supply to it and it grows.” If you wanted a badass mustache like Ron Swanson or Ron Burgundy, all hope is not lost.

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