5 Style Problems Caused by Muscles


If you’re as fit as the dude in the photo above, you probably downright dominate your training workouts. But, you also probably face some major frustrations in the style and grooming department. (Check out The Most Embarrassing Grooming Problems Guys Deal With.)

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When it comes time to step out of the gym, say for a job you must go to every day, you need “street” clothes that fit right. But if your (impressively) bulky body doesn’t match the physical proportions of the average guy most designers have in mind, you may have a harder time doing this. 

There are however, quick fixes to each of the most common style woes. Check them out on the following slides. 

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Pants don’t fit

This may be the most common problem: When trying on bottoms in your normal size, you find that you can’t even get them past your quads, or worse, you feel like they’re about to rip open. Then, when you try on a bigger size, you finally get the legs comfortably through the holes, but the waist turns out to be too baggy.

The fix: While you can always consider a great tailor, there are certain brands that design jeans with the muscular man in mind. Check out the link below to find the best jeans for your body type. 

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Shirts don’t fit either

We’re not talking about the comfortable cotton t-shirt you wear during downtime. Finding that versatile crisp white button-up to wear at the office, on a date, or to an event, is tough. When strong men start buttoning up their normal size, it tends to suffocate their entire upper body and look, in some cases, inappropriate. Not to mention your neck has no room to breath. The problem, though, is as you go up in size, the sleeves get longer and longer…

The fix: A tailor is always useful in this case too, but, like the best denim brands, try and find a brand that accomodates your figure like Lululemon or QOR (you may think of them for active wear but both brands also make less casual apparel you can wear to work and beyond.) Just remember how a shirt should fit: When buttoned-up, you should be able to place two fingers inside the collar, have about one to two inches of breathing room at the torso, and full range of motion throughout the sleeves and shoulders. Basically, it shouldn’t feel like you’re going to pop out of it.

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You can’t find a stylish bag that fits your gym stuff

If you’re an avid gym-goer who treks to the office Monday through Friday, you probably face the “struggle” of finding the perfect bag that aesthetically meets the needs of your job but is also functional enough to hold all your gym stuff.

The fix: Whether the dress code of your office is casual or fancy, we compiled the best options to fit your lifestyle—from backpacks to duffels—in the link below. 

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Pit Stains

Dominating a rigorous HIIT workout always comes with a giant pool of sweat. While perspiring may be acceptable in the gym, the moment it starts seeping through the (perfectly-fitted) button-front shirt you put on post-workout, the stains can become permanent. But no matter how brutal your sweat session, there is a way to prevent a permanent reminder of it on your favorite shirt.

The fix: First, try to stop sweating before you get in the shower—otherwise, you’re more likely to continue sweating even after you’ve rinsed off. If it’s too late, to get the stain out, consider natural remedy concoctions like mixing hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to scrub it out. Or, better yet, use a cheap antiperspirant, like the ones in the link below, before a particularly tough workout. The grooming good contains the active ingredient aluminum, that, when applied and absorbed into the skin, prevents sweating. 

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Tanning product on your clothes

You may be surprised by how many athletic guys are concerned with staying tan year round. But before you think it’s girly, consier that a tan will actually make you appear leaner. (Since lighter colors are perceived larger and darker colors make things appear smaller.) But the downside to looking like you just stepped off the beach is when you make yourself too orange with a bunch of spots, or by accident rub it onto your clean shirt.

The fix: First, make sure you’ve completed your days worth of sweaty training and trekking through a long, crowded commute before you apply the stuff so you don’t risk it sliding off. Once you’re glowing from head-to-toe, it’s very important to let the lotion soak in and dry before putting on your clothes. When applying to your hands, elbows, toes, or anything with a crease, make sure the skin is stretched, and immediately wash your hands well after application. If the bronzer happens to travel onto your clothes, immediately wash it under cold water with dish soap or detergent. And if you’re a busy on-the-go type of guy, consider spray self-tanners that dry instantly like Quicktan (and remember to spray at least one foot away).

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