5 Things Interviewers Notice About Your Appearance

What to do at a job interview

Job hunting? Keep reading. We asked Karen Danziger, managing partner at headhunting firm Howard-Sloan-Koller Group in NYC, what interviewers are really looking for during job interviews. Keep these five important tips in mind to land the job of your dreams. 

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1. Your overall look

There’s a general two-second rule. They’re looking at your overall style and appearance—if you’re well put together, if you’re haphazard or sloppy.

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2. Awareness

If you won’t be dressed properly, say something. People will give us a warning, saying, “Hey, I’m not going to be wearing a suit, is that OK? It shows that you’re at least conscious of it.

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3. Dedication

Weave in fitness. Everyone wants somebody who takes care of their health. If you have a regimen you’re dedicated to, an employer often thinks you’re going to be dedicated to your work, too.

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4. Presence

Appearance is 70% of it. Many people get jobs because they look the part, and many don’t get jobs because they just don’t have the right presence. It’s not just being pretty or handsome or thin or heavy; it’s about having a really put-together, polished presence.

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5. Personality

I recommend wearing something memorable, that shows personality and makes you stand out. An employer might see 10–20 people and say, “Oh, that was the one who wore that really nice tie.”

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