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9 On-Trend Western Shirts That Won’t Make You Look Like A Rodeo Clown

 All images courtesy of designers

A classic Western shirt can be the perfect option for brunch or bar-hopping. But if you’re not careful, you can come off looking like a rodeo clown—or a reject from Hee Haw. The secret to pulling this look off is in both the particular Western shirt you choose as well as what you wear it with. Take a modern version and wear it the same way you’d wear a flannel or any other fall shirting option: with chinos, jeans, and your favorite pair of boots.

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While a traditional Western shirt is defined by snap buttons, a curved back yoke (the area where the back panel meets the shoulder panel), and stylized chest pockets, many designers hint toward the style without using these specific details. Below, nine choices that are sure to add a little edge to your weekend dressing game.