A Better Way to Trim Nose and Ear Hair


Hair grows in funky places, and in summer, that growth seems to be more evident than ever. You could try (and struggle in vain) to remove nose, ear, or eyebrow tresses with tweezers. You could also try to accomplish this feat with your beard trimmer (a stinging, painful mess where bloody spotting will likely ensue). You could also screw up your beard trimmer and handsome face trying to pull it off with the improper tool. 

Instead, throw down $18 for Philips’ stellar 5100 Facial Hair Precision Trimmer for Men (buy it here). It’s easy to use, powerful, and will get rid of hair from wherever it sprouts up — painlessly. It’s particularly adept at trimming hair from your nose, ear, and eyebrows, but if you’re in a pinch and your go-to beard trimmer is out of battery juice, it also works well at smoothing out sideburns, stubble, pesky neck hair, and even beards. Thanks to the cutter and guard’s smart design (read: perfectly angled, twice-sharpened blade) it’s also super efficient and doesn’t require a second sweep of the problem area as many trimmers require. 

It’s not the sexiest purchase we’ve ever made. But if banishing our faint unibrow or eliminating the shrub in our ears is the difference between a lady’s desire for us spiking or plummeting, well, we’ll buy two.