A British Update on a Classic French Shirt


The Breton stripe shirt, that so very French tee inexorably linked to sailors and artists like Picasso, has been around for more than 150 years, yet remains a timeless classic. While the traditional design features blue and white stripes, there have been a variety of colorways that have come down the pike over the years. The newest iteration that we love is actually a British take on this French classic from the online clothing retailer Boden.

This soft 100 percent cotton tee retains the traditional boat neckline that sits higher than other styles of tees and gives shoulders a broader appearance. Where they diverge from the classic is in their variety of smashing (to use a Brit term) color combinations like ecru, navy, and green and navy, fire-engine red, and ecru. There’s even one that plays off the traditional blue version with wider stripes at the bottom of the shirt. They’re usually $50, but right now you can get 30 percent off at checkout.

These shirts are always a great look for the beach; after all, that’s where its roots lie. And it can go from day to evening with the addition of a summer-weight blazer thrown over it. There’s room for a beret or a baguette tucked under your arm when you sport one of these shirts, and we can (almost) bet there won’t be any annoying  “Where’s Waldo?” comments from your buddies, either.