A Dry Shampoo That Doubles as a Styling Wax


Warmer weather means three things: grilling, long runs and rides, and beach days. (And maybe a few extra hangovers.) Something about the salty breeze, the sunshine, and the post-swim dry out makes for a tangled, tousled coif that’s hard for any packaged product to nail.

But there’s one way to get it, straight from the shower. While it may not be the beach in a bottle, this container of Hanz de Fuko Quicksand ($19.50, hanzdefuko.com) comes pretty damn close. Part styling wax and part dry shampoo, the secret weapon here is diatomaceous earth — that’s right, the soft, sedimentary rock (think pumice stone) — that sops up excessive oil from your hair and scalp and helps give you that unkempt look. The paste, which has a light, weirdly earthy scent and works well as a dry shampoo, adds volume and structure while keeping your hair in place all day. 

To use, apply to damp hair and style as desired with your blow dryer (you can apply it to dry hair, as well, if you haven’t washed it in a day or two). Unlike pomades and gels, which give your hair that greasy glint and rub off on everything, Quicksand dries to a matte finish with hardly any trace of detectable product. As one reviewer on the site put it best, “Dude, I let her touch my hair!”

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