A Face Mask You May Actually Use

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LAB Series

Yeah, we know: You’re thinking no way, not in this lifetime. But what if we told you this skin-repairing spread was made by one of your favorite brands? And, it went the extra mile to create a formula that dries in minutes? We’re talking about Lab Series Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask ($30 at Amazon), a potent, purifying skin enhancer that removes grime from your face the way no soap or exfoliator can.

Here’s how it works: The mask is a paste-like blend of clay, charcoal, and other high-performance ingredients. Charcoal powder has been shown to draw out impurities deep in your pores, while the clay helps to absorb and remove excess oil on your skin surface. In Lab Series’ studies, researchers found 100 percent of users had a significant reduction in surface sebum (code for the oily shine on your forehead).

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Our tester found this mask works best when applied to almost-dry skin, so plan to use it post-shower or after wiping your mug down with a hot, wet towel. (The heat and dampness help open up your pores anyway, allowing the product to penetrate deeper.) Apply it in smooth, flat circular motions on both sides of your face, focusing on your T-zone (across your forehead and down your nose) if you have issues with oily skin. 

Once you’ve covered your bases — easy to see since the mask is dyed blue — go do something, anything. After 5-10 minutes, rinse it off with a warm, wet washcloth. LAB recommends using it once or twice a week.

Bottom line: Our tester saw immediate results in the form of a firmer, smoother appearance the first time he used the mask. Ten minutes may be more than you usually spend on your skin, but it’s a blink-and-you’re-done deal compared to the overnight requirements of traditional masks. 

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