A Guide to Standing Out at George Clooney’s Wedding

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Pierre Teyssot / AFP / Getty Images

George Clooney, Academy Award-winner, eternal bachelor, and one-time Bruce Wayne, finally tied the knot this weekend, bringing together a throng of celebrity demigods in picturesque Venice. It’s unlikely you’ll ever find yourself riding a boat to a famous man’s wedding and being photographed by dozens of photographers, but if so, here are a few tips for holding or your own against an all-star guest list. Because, like the step from a gondola to a dock in front of a waiting paparazzi, there’s no room for error.

1. Keep it simple (Matt Damon)

(Andreas Solaro / AFP / Getty Images)

The beginner approach. Dress down the big old multi-part tux and keep the lines simple. Skip the vest (shiver), the cummerbund, and the two-tone lapels. The only accessory you need is a good pair of aviators to prove how practically you’ve dressed for your friend’s big day. This isn’t your wedding, why try and turn heads in the first place? Let them come to you.

2. Smart lapels are a must. (John Krasinski)

The honed technique. Getting the right fit for a jacket is just the start, especially with black tie. Lapels have to fall just right, especially for taller guys like John. Too high, and the torso looks out of proportion. Too low, and you look barrel chested. Like many styles, this look is best pulled together with a beautiful woman at your side.

3. Be the Man in Black. (Bono)

(Robino Salvatore / Getty Images)

An advanced technique, the Johnny-Cash black on black look is super simplified. No contrast, no mercy. But you’re also avoiding the appearance of flashiness. Bono is basically saying, “Oh me? I’m just here to say congrats on my friend’s big day. He’s the one with the silver suit and the bold tie.” We’re on to you Bono. Well played.

4. Just enjoy yourself. (Bill Murray)

(Pierre Teyssot / AFP / Getty Images)

Perfect your own style. Bill Murray is known for two things: Being awesome and stealing the show. He arguably did both at Clooney’s wedding, showing up with a feather bow tie and a gentlemanly, simple vested tux. Yes, he can get away with it. No, you probably can’t. This is a look (and man) better admired, not emulated.

5. Be George Clooney. (George Clooney)

(Pierre Teyssot / AFP / Getty Images)

The best way to stand out at a wedding (or film premiere, awards show, Sunday brunch, etc.)? Be George Clooney. You can have the best hair, suit, and tie, and follow that up with a perfect pair of wayfarers and a new, subtly sharp ring (left hand). Oh, and a beautiful bride – the lovely Amal Alamuddin, in this case – who could turn any leading man into an afterthought. 

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