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8 Things No Man Should Ever Wear


There are a lot of things every guy should have in his closet: the right pair of slim cut dark jeans, a really good cashmere sweater, a great watch, and a pair of boots that are made to last among them. Not among them? Square toed shoes.

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The style, which reached the apex of its popularity in the late ‘90s and early aughts, has somehow clung to relevance in guys’s closets while the other things we wore at the turn of the century (remember the manpri?) have been replaced with clothes that just look better. And yet the square-toed shoe can still be spotted on guys’ feet in even the most stylish places. Including around the New York City headquarters of Men’s Journal, where banker bros abound–and so too do these outmoded, brick like shoes. 

By and large, you should wear what you want—it’s a free country after all. But if you actually want to look good, we’d start with excising these things from your closets as soon as you can.