A More Aggressive Raincoat


If Salence Outerwear‘s Baluster raincoat is one thing, that thing is modern. The waterproof and breathable jacket looks slicker than a slicker because its lines are all cut at acute and engaging angles. Thanks to its motocross styling, the jacket can be worn as either a blazer or a shield against the elements, making it a versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe.

The main opening is cut almost violently down the center of the jacket just a few degrees off vertical. Two steel u-clasps hold the jacket sides together so the waterproof dual-zipper can be left rakishly open at the top when it is drizzling rather than pouring. The only softness on the the exterior of the jacket comes from the brown leather trim around the neck, a delicate touch on an indelicate piece. The left breast pocket, as well as the the left and right coat pockets, sport stainless steel rivets at each side, securing the weatherproof zipper to the wool and polyester blend outer. Each elbow is composed of three panels for ease of mobility and protection against wear and tear.

And the peppercorn-colored coat is built for contemporary concerns. The oversize right breast pocket fits a medium-size tablet and comes with a headphone-out passage. The right sleeve hides a handy retractable waterproof wallet above the wrist for easy access to valuables. On the left upper sleeve, a waterproof cellphone compartment features three see-through panes so you get caller I.D. under inclement conditions. This is not, after all, a jacket that compromises. [$495; salence.com]