A More Respectable Holiday Tie

Mj 618_348_a more respectable holiday tie

The men behind Tanner Goods, Portland’s best-known peddler of hardworking leather goods like gloves, camera straps, and leashes operate a less famous but equally excellent menswear shop named The Woodlands, which carries hard-to-find items from around the world. Cosmopolitan as the store’s outlook may be, it is heavy on heavy-duty and long on local.

“We specifically have an eye biased toward those brands with an outdoor style and Northwest-based history, and that are made in the U.S.,” says buyer Michael O. Andersen.

The Woodlands brought together a couple of those hometown brands, both historic and upstart, to create its new worsted wool tie, part of the small group of accessories produced in-house – there are also waxed canvas and suede-brim camp caps, crew socks, and knit beanies. Venerable Oregon outfitter Pendleton Woolen Mills supplied the fabric for the tie and Harding & Wilson, the go-to source for patterned bow ties, handled the design. The result is a not-too-wide, not-too-skinny tie, with a length that allows it to hit right above the belt no matter what type of knot you tie.

The sturdy yet elegant worsted wool makes this the perfect complement to thicker outerwear. It also doesn’t wrinkle easily and has a matte quality that’s a nice change of pace from the standard silk. There are naturally a couple of versions in Pendleton’s signature tree-slaying plaid. We like the solid-colored Rosewood tie in deep red with blue undertones. [$68; woodlandshop.com]

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