A More Stylish Knit Cap


If there’s one surefire way to keep from freezing your head off this winter, it’s with a snug beanie. But finding one that keeps your ears warm while pulling your outfit together is not easy. Look no further than J.Press’s knit caps, classic hats that you could wear out sledding or on your way to the office.

J.Press knit caps are simple and straightforward with no embellishments, pretentious designs, or, worse, fuzzy pom poms. Warm and soft, the beanies are made with 100 percent wool in a variety of knits and colors. The Fair Isle-inspired styles can be worn with your favorite Harris Tweed blazer and chukka boots to make you look just the right amount of professorial (the one in olive tweed is a knockout). The classic striped caps with orange, red, and white detailing are a bit more casual, while the thick, cable-knit beanies in solid colors can be worn with just about anything. [$44; jpressonline.com]