A Patio-Perfect Polo

Mj 618_348_the preppy patio polo

For his new collaboration with the booming Japanese brand Uniqlo, menswear designer Michael Bastian kept the creative simple and designed something he wanted to wear: a simplified polo tailored to spring.

Though all cut a tad slimmer than traditional polos, the shirts Bastian created vary greatly in design: Red and white striped polos jockey for attention with traditional yellow V-neck designs and a version emblazoned with the iconic “Lucky Cat,” a whimsical nod to the brand’s Japanese origins. Uniqlo will begin stocking the new line on May 20, which means the practical, casual shirts should be ubiquitous by May 25, the following Saturday.

What the new polos provide is a chance to lose the overly casual T-shirt-and-jeans look without having to work too hard for it, especially on weekends. Deployed with chino shorts and a pair of casual wingtips or boat shoes, these shirts are patio perfect. The question won’t be whether or not you’ll wear one, but which one you’ll choose. [$19.99, Uniqlo.com]

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