A Pomade for That Perfectly Tousled Bed-Head Look

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Perfectly tousled hair is harder to attain than it looks. The only way to do it right is to come by it naturally. Creating it artificially requires product — or a day at the beach. But which product? Women have a bevy of “sea salt sprays” to choose from that give great bed head. But unless you can borrow your wife’s or girlfriend’s, it’s pretty much off-limits — most guys wouldn’t be caught dead with girly stuff in the medicine cabinet. There’s another, more serious problem with using salt spray: salt dehydrates hair, making it look dull and brittle over time. Nothing Hasselhoff-ian about that.

Enter Fatboy’s new Sea Salt Pomade ($21 at Amazon). The light cream provides the perfectly-mussed benefits of products like sea salt spray, minus the salt (yes, the name is confusing), and with the flexibility and hold of a cream pomade. Made using coconut oil and shea butter, the styling aid also locks moisture into your hair to give it protection during hot summer days.

What else you should know: The product is the creation of Tyson Kennedy, founder of hairstyling mecca Cutler Brooklyn and front man for the band Steriogram. Which means he checks two boxes for being cool — and another (he grew up in New Zealand) for knowing about the beach. Trust him.  

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