A Shaving Cream That Saves You from Razor Burn


Meet your new go-to shaving cream: eShave’s White Tea Shaving Cream (get it at Amazon for $24). Some love white tea products for the antioxidants they contain that allegedly fight wrinkles and protect your skin from environmental stressors. Other love it for its mild, pleasing scent. Others, like us, have never really given white tea–infused stuff much thought. But now we’re completely hooked and our post-shave skin has never been smoother.

Free of sulfates, parabens, animal ingredients, and artificial colors, the cream helps open your pores and keep razor burn and other shaving irritation at bay. The rich cream creates a powerful lather, and since you only need a small pat of it to work, it’s more economical than a can — one jar should keep for about four months or so. Formulated with coconut oil, and glycerin, the stuff also does a nice job of keeping skin hydrated (most shaving creams actually strip your skin of moisture), and there’s no redness or stinging post-shave.

Even better, try eShave’s White Tea Travel Bag Set ($99 at Amazon), which includes the shave cream and badger brush plus pre-shave oil and aftershave cream in TSA-compliant sizes.