A Simple Blazer That Upgrades Any Outfit

Mj 618_348_the easiest everyday upgrade

The online retailer Bonobos became incredibly successful incredibly rapidly by selling reasonable-looking chinos at a reasonable price. Even as it branched out into shirting and neckwear, the brand was true to the original vision: Bonobos clothes favor substance and fit over flash. The company’s new collection of blazers take simplicity to the next level by offering men the ultimate easy upgrade. Nottingham Blazers – slim but not insubstantial – go with almost anything, adding a bit of collegiate propriety to casual button downs, jeans, and even T-shirts.

“The Shetland wool fabric is sufficiently polished for a night out on the town while rough hewn enough to blend into your everyday work [and] casual uniform,” says Bonobos VP of Design Dwight Fenton, the man responsible for the new blazers.

Part of what sets these blazers apart is the slightly more saturated colors Fenton chose. The navy blazer is actually navy and the olive herringbone doesn’t skimp on the green accents. The purple blazer is aubergine – but structured enough that it doesn’t make anyone look like an eggplant.

The Nottingham’s accents, bold pockets, and a brightly outlined interior lining, give the otherwise classic cut a bit of character, but the point here isn’t to be loud or eccentric. Bonobos’ answer to the ever-popular (and similarly priced) Ludlow sportscoat from J.Crew, Fenton’s former employer, offers the same easy-wearing fit as the competition. You put it on and you go. This works well with the Bonobos tradition of letting form be a product of function.

“If you’re looking for sartorial versatility, a blazer is the simplest way to add dimension to your closet,” explains Fenton. “A blazer transforms almost any outfit for the better.” [$368; bonobos.com]

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