A Superior Aftershave


The popular men’s goods line Owen & Fred has created a functional collection of specialty grooming products that outdo expensive counterparts that feature slick branding. We especially love the start-the-day-off-on-the-right-foot “You Dirty Dog” stamp on its current suite of products: face wash, shave cream, and aftershave moisturizer ($50 for the set at Spring).

Our favorite of the trio? The formidable aftershave moisturizer (buy it now for $19 at Birchbox) that improves skin tone in only a few uses. The natural product smells lightly of eucalyptus and contains soothing aloe and shea butter. We’re convinced you’ll dig it too. 

Notably, it’s free of parabens and phthalates and also omits sulfates and mineral oils from its ingredient list. Sadly, it’s currently only available in a four-ounce tube, so you can’t pack it in your carry-on. Though, we’re seriously toying with the idea of squeezing some into an old mini shampoo bottle, simply so we can have it on the road. Yes, once you’re hooked, you’re that hooked.