A Sweater for Motorcyclists


Leave it to a company that built its reputation on jackets designed to insulate motorcyclists from asphalt to create the ultimate protection from the late fall’s gritty cold. The Pullover Waffle Knit Sweater by Schott is thick, handsome, and built for the rigors of the active life. If this sweater was a man, he’d be wearing a leather jacket.

The off-white pullover sweater features a shawl collar that can be loosened by one or two buttons and left open, and it sports a waffle-type knit. The waffle knit’s advantage over other knits: It provides a bit more give where other knits tend to constrict along the seams. The collar, base, and sleeve ends have parallel knit patterns, which subtly offset the waffle-press pattern.

A thin shirt suffices under this sweater and a slick jacket works well over it, especially if you’re stepping out to go for a ride on your motorcycle. [$115; schottnyc.com]