Add This AllSaints Lark Leather Jacket to Your Closet For Some High Style This Fall

AllSaints Lark Leather Jacket

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Fall is here folks. Lots of people love the fall. We definitely fall into that category. The weather is getting a little chilly and we can spend some time outside without feeling like we’re melting. That also means we can break out some coats to go with our outfits. And if you want a new coat to ring in a new autumn, the AllSaints Lark Leather Jacket is something we think you guys should pick up.

What makes the AllSaints Lark Leather Jacket so alluring, in our eyes, is how simple it is. This is not a coat that has a whole bunch of junk on it to make people pay attention. It’s a simple, sleek-looking design that goes with pretty much any outfit you got. And it’s got that great look thanks to the amazing leather that was made in its production.

AllSaints Lark Leather Jacket

The AllSaints Lark Leather Jacket was made with 100% Goat Leather. That leather was processed and manufactured in such a way as to make that leather just pop when you’re wearing it. It’s also lined with polyester to give the coat a good deal of insulation when that Fall breeze gets to be a little too much to bear.

That polyester also helps to make this coat feel really comfortable to wear. Not just for the insulation properties. But because it just feels comfortable on the skin. It’s made small, so you should order a size up from your normal size to get it feeling just right. And when you got it just right, it’s amazing.

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