Add This Sleek Calvin Klein Slim-Fit Stretch Suit to Your Collection

Calvin Klein X-Fit Slim-Fit Stretch Suit

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While we’re spending a lot of time looking for some new Fall fashion for our closets these days, we shouldn’t ignore a good suit when one comes into view. Plenty of weddings occur in the Fall and the Winter. And you may just like looking your best when you go out. Either way, you will look pretty damn good with this Calvin Klein X-Fit Slim-Fit Stretch Suit in your life.

Unsurprisingly, this Calvin Klein X-Fit Slim-Fit Stretch Suit is a good-looking piece of fashion. That’s the normal mode of operation with CK, as this brand has been laying down the law for a good long while. And this suit is no exception, as you will be able to tell when you get this on your person.

Calvin Klein X-Fit Slim-Fit Stretch Suit

This Calvin Klein X-Fit Slim-Fit Stretch Suit looks like a million bucks and that is because it is made with sharkskin fabric. That gives it quite the sheen that looks good on any guy. And with the level of comfort that this provides, you will be feeling as good as you look. That’s quite the balancing act.

The balancing act is achieved thanks to the stretchy design of this suit. It may not be ideal for running a marathon, but the slim-fit design won’t make you feel like you’re being constricted all night long. It has the perfect give for you to move about with ease. With this coat, pants, and vest combo, you will be living it up.

As is usual with Macy’s, the price on this Calvin Klein X-Fit Slim-Fit Stretch Suit is too good to pass up. So why not head on over to Macy’s right now and pick up the perfect fit for yourself so you can look your best when the need for a suit arises? One look in the mirror and you won’t regret picking this up.

Get It: Pick up the Calvin Klein X-Fit Slim-Fit Stretch Suit ($383; was $765) at Macy’s

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