Allbirds Has The Running Shoes That Are Perfect For The Fall


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Everybody that goes out running for exercise is not going to stop now that the fall is here. If anything, this season is a little nicer for going out on a run. In the summer it can be really overbearing and make going out for a job a little bit of a dicey proposition. Nobody want’s to get overheated and end up sick.

Even if the fall is a better time for running in many ways, there is still going to be a need for fall attire. Those moments before and after runs can be a little bit too chilly to make shorts or tee shirts a fitting choice.

Not only for the functionality of the clothing needed for the season, but the fall has an entirely different aesthetic to it then the other seasons. There’s a bit of an earthier feel to it than other seasons. So when changing up the items in the closet for the changing of the seasons, one needs to think about the form and the function of the clothing.

When looking for new options for running attire, one can’t look at a better spot than Allbirds. It’s a site that makes amazing items made from environmentally sound materials and is amazingly comfortable while looking great. These items are great. And Allbirds has an amazing pair of shoes that will make running a much more stress-free activity. Those are the Wool Runners and they are truly something special.

Wool Runners

Nobody is really going to think of wool when it comes to their footwear. It is just not a material one would think of. Shoes are pretty much just not made with them. But as their name would imply, the Wool Runners are made with wool. Which makes them amazing to wear. They can breathe and don’t become overbearing. The feet will not sweat and get too warm in them. But they will keep the foot safe from the brisk winds and dropping temperatures that the fall brings. Which is pretty perfect for a pair of shoes made for those going out for a run.

The comfort of the wool would mean little if the shoe itself wasn’t made to handle the rigors of running, and the Wool Runners really are made that way. The insoles are also made of wool, which makes for a soft and comforting fit. In tandem with the sole, which is made with low-density foam, is really light to make running easier than it is with a heavier shoe. And the sole has an S tread that mimics the flexibility of a guy’s foot to help distribute weight when running.

These Wool Runners are an amazing pair of footwear. Just comfortable on all levels. Made with a material that shoes typically aren’t made with and designed masterfully to make running even easier. They look great as well, with a bunch of basic color options and many limited edition seasonal options. It’s a shoe that works well running as well as just going out on errands. It will make every other pair of runners out there look like old hat.

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