Allbirds Just Launched a Colorful New Line of Socks

Allbirds socks

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Socks should be comfortable. They should also provide a touch of padding and odor control. However, they rarely do all of those things while still looking good (and not completely embarrassing should you want to take your shoes off).

Sure, comfort may not be the driving force when buying socks. Everyday socks though? Decent enough cotton socks tend to do the job. But why does that have to be the default? Why can’t socks be made to feel like silk while also being able to withstand the everyday rigors of life? Allbirds has just debuted a new line of Trino Socks that are the best of both worlds.

Allbirds is well known for some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. So if shoes are the mainstay of the brand, why not craft socks? Socks and shoes go together. Now that Allbirds is on that wavelength, the same care and craft put into the shoes is also being put into the socks, thanks to the plush Trino material.

trino socks

What is Trino? It’s a fabric that’s made of a blend of Merino Wool and Eucalyptus. By mixing the soothing Eucalyptus tree with supersoft wool, the socks stand to be among the most comfortable everyday shoes one can buy.

Trino Socks are super breathable and highly durable. They wick moisture and cool the foot down the hotter it gets. They’re also made to be worn with Allbirds Tree Runners and wool runners. Slip control is high and is even more controlled with those shoes. They work together in tandem to make for the best environment for the feet.

The new line has been launched with three kinds of socks since everybody has a different preference for foot comfort and style. There are the hiders for those that don’t want the socks to stick up too high and just want the least amount of material. There are quarters, which come with a little more material but are still not as obvious when wearing a shoe. And then there are the tubers, the classic tube sock for any situation (and they look great when paired with dress pants).

Allbirds has a pair of socks for everybody with these Trino Socks. Made for comfort and durability with an environmentally conscious mindset, these are designed to be your go-to socks. Plus, since these are made by Allbirds, we’re willing to bet they won’t stay in stock for long—hurry up and grab a pair before all your friends do.

Get It: Pick up Trino Socks (starting at $12) at Allbirds.

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