Amazon’s Guide to Grooming

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We’ve got better things to do than pace the drugstore looking for razor refills, whitening toothpaste, and hair gel. But we can’t say we save a ton of time shopping for our grooming essentials online when we’ve got to weed through pink-handled razors and pomegranate-scented shampoo to get to the guy stuff.

Get All Your Grooming Products at Amazon’s Men’s Grooming Store >>>

Luckily, has a Men’s Grooming Store, an online shopping hub for all things related to skin, body, hair, and oral care. The shop’s stocked with all your drugstore favorites from brands like Gillette, Nivea, American Crew, Philips, and Braun. Plus, there are instructions for how to use less-familiar products—think exfoliator, pomade, and hair cream—that you never knew you always needed.

And—excuse the brag—but guess who Amazon used as its grooming guru? Men’s Fitness. That’s right—we partnered with the online retailer to design five how-to guides chock-full of grooming tips like these:

  • Get sweeter scents for Autumn: Fall is a good time for warmer notes such as sandalwood or cardamom. Take the change in season as an opportunity to try sweeter scents. “Think about the vibe you want to give off as the weather cools and pick your scent accordingly,” says Jennifer Hardaway, founder of Klean Spa.
  • Fight off flaky scalp: Dandruff is more common in the cooler months, which means your scalp needs extra attention as it gets colder, warns San Diego-based dermatologist Jeff Banabio, M.D. “Put dandruff shampoo into your shower rotation,” he says. “Have one shampoo that you use most days, and a dandruff shampoo to use two to three times a week.
  • Tame your beard: Growing a beard doesn’t mean you’re condemned to looking like a lumberjack. First, comb the beard free of tangles. Use a trimmer to cut hairs to an even length. Incorporate a nose and hair trimmer for those embarrassing hairs. Finish up with a razor to outline the beard.

And don’t miss MF’s video series on how to get a super-close shave, which five essential products you need for a clean face, and when to use gel, pomade, mousse, hairspray, and cream.


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