American-Made Denim Deals for Fall

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It’s finally here — jeans season! Here are three brands making these quintessential American pants right here in the US. Even better, they all have some decent deals going down right now. some decent deals going down right now.

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Re/done is an incredibly unique concept in an industry that’s already known for being innovative. Born from the minds of Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, the company takes sustainability and repurposing a leap forward. They basically take vintage Levi’s — the most iconic denim brand around — and breaks them down to their basic elements, then creates a new pair of jeans from the old material. They’re made in LA from hand picked, hand cut denim. Think of them as brand new jeans with a long history — that are already broken-in and super-comfortable; the company compares them to a fine wine getting better with age. We dig the Relaxed Taper in black (above) that you can pick up on sale at Need Supply right now for $142 (regular price: $310).

Shockoe Atelier

Based in Virginia, this family-owned company handcrafts their jeans in small batches using a variety of denim, including Collect Mills in Kojima, Japan (the Mecca for denim-heads), Italy, and deadstock from shuttered US mills. You can even watch them making the jeans in person at their showroom in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom neighborhood. They also offer free lifetime repair. We’re currently lusting after the Slim Como Jeans (above) that are on sale at right now for $180 (usually $250) made from raw Japanese selvedge denim. Over at the company’s site there’s a ton of other styles on sale right now as well.

Standard Deviation

If you’re into American made from start to finish, Standard Deviation, a Brooklyn streetwear-inspired brand launched by Stephanie Park and Manuel Gonzales-Luna in 2016, has your number. The company uses American-made denim from Cone Mills, a North Carolina denim maker that’s been around since the late 1800s, and manufacturers its jeans in LA. They have three denim styles: Alpha (relaxed fit), Beta (a middle-of-the road straight cut), and Gamma (a slim fit), plus a ton of different washes to choose from. They have a really cool set-up for new customers. You can try any two pairs of jeans for $78 (regular price is $98). They’ll ship them to you for free; you pick your favorite and send back the other pair (they pay return shipping) or keep the second pair and pay another $78. Our personal favorites — we literally couldn’t choose just one — are the Beta in black and the Gamma in grey (above).

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