An Affordable and Stylish Cashmere Scarf


Since sometime around the Hayes administration, men have worried that a simple scarf could make them look too feminine, appear too bulky, or feel plain old uncomfortable. But Catalonian clothier Massimo Dutti, who recently debuted stateside with an impressive menswear collection, arrived with an antidote in the form of this masculine, affordable, 100-percent cashmere scarf, seemingly just in time for the late fall brisk. It’s purposefully simple, with no embroidered designs, no exaggerated frills, and, best of all, absolutely zero heft. What it does have: The warmth and softness associated with cashmere for a nice price ($99, whereas a similar-looking scarf from, say, Italy, can cost upwards of $300).

Your fears allayed, two quick tips: For a tailored, suited look, fold the scarf in two around the back of your neck and pass the ends through the loop. This creates a knot beneath your Adam’s apple that cleanly accentuates outerwear such as a knee-length overcoat. But come the weekend, when it’s time for leaf raking and high school football, simply cross the ends over each other beneath a varsity jacket for a more casual fare. As for finding an easygoing match with the rest of your outfits, never fear: Dutti’s warm chocolate brown offering pairs as equally well with chinos as it does your favorite denim. Is there anything cashmere can’t do? [$99;]

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