An All-Natural Facial Cleanser That Really Works

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What’s washing your face? Soap-and-water only goes so far, and if you’re using one of those washes that make it look like you whipped up a batch of egg whites and plastered them on your face, hear this: Big foam doesn’t necessarily mean big clean. Fact is, some skincare companies load their face washes with extra foam-producing ingredients just for the sake of, well, more foam. What you really want is a face wash that will rid your skin of grit and grime without removing of all the useful natural oils it produces — the stuff that gives your complexion that “glow” you’ve heard others rave about.

What you need is you need is Scotch Porter’s Charcoal & Licorice Restoring Face Wash ($18). Made entirely from natural ingredients — no sulfates, petroleum, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colors, or animal ingredients here — this formula is gentle enough for men with sensitive skin but diligent enough that it removes the crud that builds up over the course of your sweaty, stressful, hard-working day. The activated charcoal works to draw impurities to the surface, where a botanically enriched cleanser washes them away.

What you’ll notice: A clean, well-hydrated complexion that doesn’t have that feeling like your skin is drawn so tight it’s going to crack.

What you might notice: A slightly more even skin tone over time, since licorice root has been used for centuries as a natural way to even out pigmentation.

What you won’t notice: That super foamy experience. The wash is specifically formulated as low-foam, so don’t use this as a sign of whether or not it’s doing its job (trust us, it is).

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