An Understated British Invasion


A staple for posh Londoners since arriving on the scene only nine years ago, Weekend Offender specializes in British Classic with a bit of a Shoreditch twist. The brand, famous for sewing travel guides to Amsterdam, Bangkok, and New York into jacket linings, will arrive in the New World this week as its “Category A” and “Seven Deadly Sins” collections hit Boston’s Bodega and the internet’s American Rag. The mod cuts and narrowed silhouettes, shaped from high-quality fabrics in muted tones, are bound to attract an instant following. Ever English, these clothes’ boldest statement is understatement.

The “Category Collection,” a more mature take on a basic schoolboy look, slims down a variety of basic garments, including button-ups, polos, and subtle sweaters. The navy Big Country down-padded jacket, detailed with bright buttons, offers a bold take on the fall coat, but the most memorable item in the collection is the Moscow cable knit crew, a sweater that has no right to be as sleek as it is. Perfect for layering under a jacket – think outdoorsy – the sweater can accommodate a collared shirt or stand on its own.

The “Seven Deadly Sins” collection, predictably, is a bit more aggressive. Featuring a ‘Clockwork Orange‘-themed sweatshirt and boldly striped sweaters, the collection is most notable for its jackets, which come in solid Pantone colors dotted with big buttons and toggles. The Verve jacket, with large chest pockets, is both expedition ready and downtown appropriate. Simplicity is the through line in all Weekend Offender clothing, but the deep blue color of the Verve jacket leaves a lasting impression.

Weekend Offender plans a quiet invasion, expanding its stateside selection and retail presence over the next few years, but the brand will certainly make a strong first impression on any Yankees looking to give their wardrobe a bit of edge without being outrageous simply for the hell of it. [Moscow Crew Sweater from approximately $150; coming soon to]