Are Metal Watchbands Outdated?


Q: Are metal watchbands too outdated and formal to wear on a regular basis? Steve S., Beverly Hills, CA

A: While multicolored, canvas watchbands have exploded in recent years, and “2014 is the year of the bespoke, handmade, leather watchband,” says Benjamin Clymer, founder of Hodinkee, the Web’s wristwatch website of record, the metal watchband—as long as it’s clean and silvery, not gold—is a timeless accessory that works just as well with a power suit as a T-shirt. (There’s a reason some of the most sought-after timepieces have metal bracelets, like the Rolex Oyster.) But remember that metal may require more maintenance, as it’s liable to break easier than canvas or leather. Also: Wear it with your watch face clearly visible (not on the underside of your wrist) so people don’t mistake it for a bracelet.

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