Ask Men’s Fitness: Is Exercise the Fountain of Youth?

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Scientists have discovered a way to make skin look decades younger in only 12 weeks with no high-tech creams, sci-fi pills, or exotic foods.

It is, simply, to exercise. In a study at Canada’s McMaster U., sedentary volunteers 65 and older were asked to work out for 30–45 minutes, twice a week, at 65% of their max heart rate. Just three months later, tests on their nonexposed skin (specifically, their rears), which had shown normal signs of aging, resembled that of a 20– to 40-year-old—a finding researchers called “remarkable.” 

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Says study head Mark Tarnopolsky, Ph.D., “Although it’s ideal to begin exercise when you’re younger and continue your whole life, our data clearly show that it’s never too late to start.”

But one big caveat: Even if you exercise, the study noted, sun damage to that skin will be nearly irreversible.

“It’s well known that the sun photoages the skin and increases cancer risk,” says Tarnopolsky, “so it’s imperative that athletes protect themselves that way they get the benefits of exercise and prevent UV radiation damage.”


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