Ask Men’s Fitness: How Can I Beat Razor Burn?

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Q: I get razor burn after almost every shave. I’ve got ingrown hairs and irritatIon above my shirt collar. What am I doIng wrong? 

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Our trusted Brooklyn Barber, Lenny, cuts to the chase. 

A: Here’s what you do. Forget futuristic razors with eight blades or whatever. They’re too sharp, and if a blade is damaged it will scrape your skin. Look for something with three blades or less, like the art of Shaving’s Chrome Futura Safety razor. Also, use pre-shave oil—it retains moisture on the face so the skin is supple for shaving. Once you’ve shaved downward, reapply the pre-shave oil, then shave in the opposite direction. There are ointments specifically made for ingrown facial hair; get the kind that’s made without alcohol. Also, try using a dry, soft toothbrush on the area of the ingrown hair to gently work it out from underneath the skin.

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Lenny Ranaldo has been helping men clean up their lives from his Williamsburg, Brooklyn, barbershop since 1943. Send your questions to asklenny

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