Ask Men’s Fitness: How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

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How often should a man wash his hair? -Andrew R., Tulsa, OK 

With shampoo, the honest-to-God truth? Only once a week. Overshampooing strips the oils from your scalp and hair. and when that happens, the sebaceous gland is going to either pump out way too much oil, which makes your hair supergreasy, or say, “Fuck this, Jack: I’m not going to pump any oil out—it’s too dry already.” Then you get dry scalp and dandruff. A week seems crazy long, but trust me. You know how, when you get back from the bar, you look in the mirror and you’re like, “My hair is finally perfect!”? That’s because it’s got sweat and natural oils in it. One thing you should do every day is use conditioner. We wash our hair mainly because of smell and dirt, right? Well, conditioner has enough of a cleansing agent to it that it’ll take those out— but it’ll leave the good oils behind. But if using shampoo less makes you feel like a bum…Well, then you’ve got other problems, brother.

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