Ask Men’s Fitness: “How Should My Face Shape and Hair Influence Which Glasses I Pick?”


Look, contacts freak me the f*** out. Wear glasses. They’re cool, especially now that you can wear transitionals or bifocals without the line in them.

You want something that’s going to fit your face. If the frames are too small, you’ll look like a beady-eyed comic book character. If you have a big head and get too-small frames, they’ll push your ears out and then you’ll look like Mickey Mouse. If you go too big on the frames, you’ll look like you’re wearing New Year’s glasses. Nothing bugs me more than oversize glasses that encompass your whole face. That’s just annoying.

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For the style of glasses, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, that’s where most people go wrong. Find a shape you like when you’re with your optician, try them on, and find a size that works. I have a big, fat, round head, so I have a larger frame.

But whatever style you decide to go with, own it.

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