Ask Men’s Fitness: “I Really Dug Leo in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ but Is the Pomade Slick-back Still Cool?”


Who wouldn’t want to look like Leo DiCaprio? Yeah, the pomade slick-back is still cool, but it depends on the length of your hair. With longer sides slicked back like he had, you may look a little sleazy. What’s more in style: shorter tapered sides you can slick back and still look like you mean business.

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It also depends on your hair, head shape, and style. If you have really thick hair, you want to put pomade in once you’ve towel-dried your hair. If you have hair that lays flat on your head, apply pomade when it’s dry, and it’ll get some lift. And if you have fine or really thinning hair, it might not be the best idea— it’ll either look wet or show your scalp.

If you do go for it, use a water-soluble pomade, and don’t put it in by the fistful-figure out how much you need. Don’t use a petroleum product that’s going to ruin your significant other’s pillowcase. Oh, and have a pocket comb on you at all times.

And remember—just because you slick your hair back like Leo doesn’t mean you’ll actually look like Leo. (You’ll need supermodel girlfriends for that.)

Shorty Maniace is the proprietor of J.P. Kempt Barber & Social in San Francisco. Send your questions to askshorty [at]

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