Ask Men’s Fitness: IS NEON WORKOUT GEAR STILL COOL? Have We Moved on to a New Trend yet?

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Bad news if you hate highlighter yellow: It’s definitely still cool. According to Megan Collins, founder and blogger of the take-no-prisoners website Style Girlfriend, high-visibility colors in men’s workout wear aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. “Like a lot of women, I love to see a guy hitting the track, or the yoga studio, or the spin class in a splash of neon green or even hot pink,” she says.

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One tip: These colors work best as accents, not the whole ensemble. So if you’re wearing dark shorts and a subtle top, go for bright shoes that pop. If your shoes and shorts are understated, slip on a shirt that’s fluorescent. “Remember,” she says, “there’s a difference between getting noticed for your stylish workout ensemble and blinding the runner on the next treadmill over.”

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